The term “raw food diet” is used interchangeably to refer to many eating plans. The raw food diet is also known as the vegan raw food diet or the raw food diet. Here, I’ll utilize the raw food diet as a stand-in for the other two diet types. All of these diets have the common principle of focusing on a diet high in raw foods. Vegetables, fruits, raw nuts and seeds are all on the menu. Some variants allow soaked or sprouted grains, dry beans, and legumes.

Raw Food Diet: Basic Claims Made

All raw food diets make sensational, but unproven, claims. There is no guarantee that even one of the allegations is correct. There will be significant weight reduction with switching to a raw food diet. Adherents of the raw food diet also tout a number of other advantages. There are three basic arguments presented here.

One, raw food is better for your health than cooked. The nutritional value of raw foods is higher than that of cooked foods. Thirdly, the raw food diet is healthy and environmentally friendly.

Let’s dissect these assertions one by one.

Raw Food Diet: Raw Food is Healthier than Cooked Food

The evidence strongly contradicts this assertion. Only a few research have shown evidence of the health benefits claimed. Most people don’t think this way. Some research suggests abnormally low levels of HDL (good cholesterol) in the blood. In turn, vitamin B12 stores became critically depleted. It has been suggested in other research that a raw food diet might significantly weaken tooth enamel. Raw foodists have been shown to have reduced levels of both body fat and weight. As a result, bone density decreased alongside the reduced body fat. Low dietary protein and calorie consumption was also observed in these research efforts. A lack of calcium in the diet was blamed for the bone deterioration. Raw food diets also tend to be deficient in protein.

Overall, there is sufficient data to suggest that following a raw food diet for an extended period of time is unhealthy. The dangers are quite serious and might be very damaging.

Raw Food Diet: Raw Food is more Nutritious than Cooked Food

Several smaller claims are embedded inside this bigger one. A couple of these make sense. The first one sounds like a trippy nightmare. Some people think that cooking ruins the nutrition in food. Well, it’s true, but only somewhat of. While cooking meals, some nutrients are lost. To counter this, it is also true that cooking may alter one’s mood. Some of these changes, including the release of nutrients and enzymes, are made possible by the heat applied during cooking. There is no clear winner in this claim.
Some people also believe that heat from cooking kills enzymes. Again, this is true, however digesting raw food causes the destruction of these enzymes. It’s a draw here as well.

Finally, and this one makes me laugh out loud, cooking kills the food’s “vital power.” Raw foods are said to have a mysterious quality called “life energy.” However, the riddle is never explained beyond the trite “It’s a mystery, dude.” This doesn’t cut it as proof. Instead, it’s an unproven form of spiritual thinking from the New Age. As most people know by now, I tend to be cautious of assertions that lack supporting proof. The concept of a plant’s “life force” is unconvincing. Also, when you ingest the plant, why does it not hurt its “life force?”

The research does not completely support the idea that raw foods are more nutritious than cooked meals when taken as a whole. The nutritional value of either raw or cooked meals is almost the same.

Raw Food Diet is Safe and Sustainable

A lot of people think the raw food diet is healthy and sustainable, and they say that’s because of the lack of processed foods. The diet’s safety has previously been questioned by us. Taking nutritional supplements, such as protein powder and vitamins, might help with the risk factor. Even though this is a fantastic concept, supplements are not allowed on a 100% raw food diet.

Meeting a pretty formidable problem is at the heart of sustainability. When compared to the list of forbidden foods, the permitted foods list is much shorter. A raw food diet offers a restricted selection of foods. Many former raw foodists say discussing why they switched back to prepared meals bores them to tears. Raw food diets have fewer options for preparation than cooked food diets, which is a problem. Boredom is a factor that undermines sustainability again.



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