Diabetes is the most common disease of the endocrine system and is triggered when the amount of insulin secreted in the body is not optimal or when peripheral cells do not respond to its action (insulin is a hormone that helps lower blood glucose). This condition causes disorders of the entire metabolism and, over time, can affect the functioning of various organs in the body.

Our body needs energy every day, which we get through food. First, the food we provide to the body is converted into glucose through the process of digestion. Then the glucose reaches the blood and is synthesized, with the help of insulin produced by the pancreas, into energy. Problems occur when the pancreas does not produce the necessary insulin or when the body does not use this hormone effectively. In these situations, glucose is no longer converted into energy and accumulates in the body in a larger amount than normal, favoring the onset of diabetes. The direct effect is an increase in blood glucose levels, ie the amount of glucose in the blood, above normal limits, a situation called hyperglycemia.

For preventing and ameliorating the effects of diabetes use recommendations below.

  • eat lots of celery, carrots, garlic and onions.
  • drink water from the infusion of nettles (200 g of nettles on 1 l of water).
  • put 1 tablespoon of Acorus Calamus in 1 cup of water and hold it for one night. Warm it in the morning, strain it and drink before and after breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • drink shock leaves infusion.
  • in spring eat 12 dandelion stems as salad.
  • drink cucumber juice.
  • drink infusions of bay leaves.

Also, follow our Diabetes Meal Planner. Save recipes to your Meal Planner and starta to follow it today.


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